Conroe Medical and Laboratory Refrigeration

Conroe Medical and Laboratory Refrigeration

When it comes to medical and research facilities, each specialty requires different levels of refrigeration. What is the same throughout each industry is the need to store samples and materials at specific levels reliably every day. If you have laboratory or medical refrigeration equipment that isn't working properly, Air Rescue is the Conroe commercial refrigeration company to call.

Our team is qualified to work on many types of medical and laboratory refrigeration units including:

We understand how vital it is to ensure your medical or laboratory refrigeration units are working properly each day. We are available for emergency onsite repair and maintenance to ensure your samples, medicine, or other necessities are not damaged or compromised. At Air Rescue, we stay up-to-date on the latest ADA compliance guidelines and are committed to upholding those on each and every service call.

Call us today at 936-229-4334 to schedule an appointment for Conroe medical and laboratory refrigeration service.

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